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Automatic Grey Water Reuse System

 Water from bath, washing machine , RO unit etc For Reuse to Flush/Gardening

Grey water reuse system for every bathroom, for reuse of shower - bath water, reuse of waste water from washing machine & reverse osmosis rejects. Water UV treated usable for flush or gardening

This Automatic grey water reuse system is incorporated with patented technology, eradicating the need for storage tank, combined with highest multi-safety devices, and long service life. Reuse of grey water and lower power consumption for the benefit and sustainability of mankind.

Grey water reuses &   reduces fresh water usage, by using Waste water from showers, Washing machine,  RO  or any other source of grey water , which are low in pollutants and thus high in potential for reuse. 

Just connect grey water outlet and everything else is take care automatically.  

Our system is designed with state of the art intelligent technology, to switch on automatically sensing the water availability, without the need for human intervention.

If the tank is empty the red light will start blinking to alert the user to use alternate source. 

Anti-skid tray has been provided for highest safety at the time of having bath.

Space saving modular, convenient & easy to fit design: The grey water collection 

unit has been designed to fit in existing bathroom without making any structural changes.  

The shower tray can also be used on the existing floor or it can be used with  bathrooms having sunken floor.

Pay back : The unit cost will pay back in a short span of time in terms of cost of water, power and the savings in terms of environment is unimaginable.  

Kindly mail us for drawing files  in the formats required